NI AWR Design Environment

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These pages use active content which needs to be enabled in the NI AWR Design Environment by choosing Help > Enable Guided Help. Additional information can be found in the troubleshooting link on the bottom of each page.

Greater Design Space Exploration


Quickly import PCB layout for EM analysis. PCB Proprietary

Power Amplifier

Increase device insight with source pull, harmonic load pull, and modulated signal analysis.


Easily create multi-technology designs, including Cadence Virutoso subcircuits.


Design better filters by controlling stop-band nulls, pass-band edge asymmetry, and improved element order control.


Synthesize antennas from easy-to-set-up specifications.

Phased Array

Efficiently simulate large phased arrays and design 5G MIMO systems. Discover the impact of phased arrays on system performance.


Jumpstart RF design using preconfigured 5G test benches and climb up the 5G learning curve quickly!


Explore the design space with new optimization methods and synthesis wizards, perform carrier aggregation simulations, and share VSS data with your design team.

More Engineering, Less Clicking

Data Display

See data more quickly with live simulation results and explore results intelligently with markers that lock to metrics.

Design Flow

Eliminate manual re-entry by sending silicon design schematics back and forth to Cadence Virtuoso.


Save schematic entry time with named nodes on S-parameter block and element parameter frames that no longer place in front of component pins.


Reduce multiple test benches to one with the ability to make 2-port measurements like noise figure or max gain on N-port networks.


Easily interact wtih multi-layer line types, save clicks with new editing commands, leverage the power of shape pre-processing and see more clearly with 2D translucency.


Save tedious clicks with automatic port placement and simulate direclty in HFSS from Microwave Office.

EM 3D Editor

Efficiently manage complex 3D EM structures.

Additional Enhancements

Faster Answers
Analyst™, APLAC, AXIEM, and General performance improvements.

Better Answers
Analyst, APLAC, and AXIEM accuracy improvements.

Minor Improvements
See minor improvements for all NI AWR Design Environment tools.

New Stuff
New measurements, models, and 3D parts.